MIT Energy Night

CEE Speed Dating

Speed Dating with the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at MIT is about meeting new people and hearing more from others in CEE. Connect with students, researchers, and professors and discover new ideas along with mutual interests!

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CEE Speed-dating


The Triadic app is tool to make your conference more productive! Connect with and rate the presenters and groups you see and these connections go towards building a network of antendees that share similar interests. Use this time to learn about your fellow antendees and make new friends!

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CEE Speed-dating


Learn more about how attendees at this conference are connected. Triadic visualizes your connections in real time to better understand how we are all connected. Find out who you shares your interest in different projects and start building new collaborations!

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About the developers.

Jameson Toole is a PhD Candidate working in the Human Mobility and Networks Lab under CEE Professor Marta C. Gonzalez. He studies human mobility patterns by mining "Big Data" collected from mobile phones, online applications, and any data he can get his hands on. Christos Nicolaides is a post-doctoral researhcer at MIT working with Sinan Aral focusing on characterizing dynamical processes in complex networks including physical transport, epidemic spreading and reaction-diffusion systems.

CEE Speed-dating CEE Speed-dating